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Recruiting for IT Projects

Staff shortages are a common challenge in projects within the IT sector. Recruiters have to act immediately to close the gap in the workforce.

In addition, questions can arise that require the expertise of experienced external experts in consulting, development and project management. The project managers then submit a search request to a recruitment firm.

The majority of these service providers don’t have the necessary industry expertise to ensure that people and project requirements are matching. If this important fine-tuning doesn’t succeed, the project progress can be delayed and considerable additional costs arise.

We carefully analyse your professional needs as a first step. For this purpose, we draw on the many years of experience of our recruiters in the IT environment and the expertise of our own consultants. This is how we ensure that the provided experts really do solve your specific challenge!

Within just 48 hours, we deliver the right resources from all IT areas, close the gaps in your workforce and get you up and running – efficiently and always on the best terms possible.

The infographic shows how IN3 closes the gap between companies and system integrators.

A lack of skilled staff in in a project can slow down progress, delay the go-live and lead to considerable additional costs.

The infographic shows how IN3 closes the gap between companies and system integrators.

Our experienced IT recruiters fill this gap within 48 hours to ensure your project succeeds.

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Professional Services

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