Project Coordination in Logistics

Most logistics projects already fail in the preparation phase. And this happens even though logistics planners, system integrators and project management and IT specialists are involved – but why?

Technological progress through artificial intelligence and automation has steadily increased the demand for specialists. However, there is a lack of generalists who can recognise interdependencies across disciplines and technologies and define project requirements from a neutral perspective.

The logistics consultants at WA.services bridge the gap between the IT department, business and logistics partners and translate project requirements in such a way that all stakeholders can work together smoothly and without misunderstandings. Damit stellen wir den Erfolg des Projektes sicher.

Together we define the requirements for the project in order to find the ideal service provider. We coordinate and plan all steps before and during the project and provide support where external help is needed. This enables us to guarantee a smooth and cost-efficient implementation of the logistics solution.

Infographic: The role of IN3 in intralogistics projects
How You Benefit

Our Promise

We make sure that all concerns are heard. From the board to the warehouse – we bring all levels together.

Each business unit has a different requirement for the project. We sit down with everyone and synchronise these requirements.

Companies rarely carry out a large logistics project. With us, you benefit from a wealth of experience gained from more than ten projects a year.

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Joachim Lumpe

Andreas Holtschulte