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An important IT project is coming up and your team needs support from experienced personnel in consulting, development and project management as quickly as possible? We’ll find it for you!

Together, we analyse the requirements by combining our many years of recruiting experience in the IT environment with the expertise of our own consultants. This is how we ensure that the experts we provide actually solve your specific challenge!

The IN3 quality guarantee

Our Promise

Our global network covering all areas of digitalisation consulting…

…will provide you with the perfect candidates for your project …

…within 48 hours.

What We Offer


What are your personnel requirements in the IT project? We find out together.

Are you looking for an experienced professional with methodological expertise to manage your IT project? We can help find him.

Which consultant can best meet your project requirements? We know where to find him.

Can’t close a personnel gap in your team? We can!

How can we support you?

Tatjana de la Cruz

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