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IN3 Industries is a joint venture founded in 2022 in partnership with the Italian Syscons Group.

Digital Manufacturing

Never before has the pace of product and technology development been so high. This presents manufacturing companies with the question of how they can keep pace with the market.

The solution? End-to-end digitalisation of production.

Our digital manufacturing consultants support you in making production processes more efficient, fail-safe and flexible. This allows you to react quickly to changes.

What We Offer


We automate manufacturing processes – for greater efficiency and precision as well as seamless integration into existing workflows.

We implement digital manufacturing solutions smoothly and effectively – for seamless execution and maximum performance.

We optimise the product lifecycle from conception to delivery in order to improve the quality and market launch of products.

We use intelligent technologies and networked methods to optimise manufacturing processes and make your production efficient and competitive.

Downtimes can quickly lead to delivery problems. Our maintenance service secures systems and therefore business continuity.

Only an end-to-end digitalised, intelligent supply chain makes it possible to react quickly to market changes and guarantees full production capability.

How can we support you?

Joachim Lumpe

Andreas Holtschulte