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Choose a module that suits your situation.

Regarding the logistics topics, you always have the choice between the basic, standard or premium module for your project requirements.

Standardized procedure for a harmonized and synchronous logistics and supply chain

For every project situation we have a standardized range of modules for you. These modules include standardized procedure with low Invest and great benefit for you. Here are some examples:

How can I gradually reduce storage costs?

Let us work together to check the costs for storage space, materials, personnel, your funds and the value of the stored goods and check them against our comprehensive benchmarks. Together we develop strategies on how you can reduce fixed and non-variable costs with the help of digitization and process improvements. Set the new benchmark for the key figure of the storage cost rate in your industry.

Transport logistics: Freight costs under control

How do we properly coordinate planning, warehouse and production?

How high is the utilization of my fleet?

How expensive is my customer in logistics?

Do I need a warehouse management system?

Which module fits your current project situation?

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"The optimization of the logistics processes must take place in small steps. This is how we achieve measurable success quickly and react flexibly to new challenges within the project."

- Andreas Holtschulte

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